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Top 120+™
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Top 200™
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Why DISH is Perfect For South Carolina Residents

Are you a resident of South Carolina who loves staying up to date with the latest national and local news, sports, entertainment, movies and shows? If so, then you should seriously consider switching to DISH Satellite Television.

There are a number of reasons that DISH Satellite TV is much better than your current Cable service. For starters, Satellite TV is available in more areas than Cable. With Satellite, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of staying ‘on the grid’ with cables and chords. Instead, all you need is a Satellite Dish, and you will be able to enjoy the clearest television you’ve ever experienced from DISH Network Television no matter how remotely you live. You could live in the heard of Table Rock State Park in the Appalachian Mountain Range or in the bustling cities of Columbia or Charleston and get the same stunning 1080p quality TV!

More Selections, More Channels, More Interests

Additionally, DISH offers many more channels than most Cable providers. With hundreds of selections available, your household will be able to explore new and old interests, stay up to date with news absolutely everywhere in the world, and enjoy the latest in pop culture hits from the best premium channels available.

Top it off with a bundle of exciting free features and you’ve got an offer that you would be crazy to pass up! Oh, and it is also one of the most affordable TV choices you can pick. Join the DISH Satellite TV family and start watching television like it is supposed to be enjoyed from now on!

The Best Entertainment from the Best Packages

As one of the founding colonies, South Carolina is one of the oldest states in the country. Could you imagine not being able to enjoy the type of entertainment you can get from television now? With DISH Network, TV entertainment has been taken up a level with six exciting packages.

The Smart Pack is a superb deal for households on a budget that want the most popular television out there. Enjoy over 55 channels of family-friendly entertainment with the likes of Animal Planet, TBN, the Food Network, Documentary Channels and many others.

America’s Top 120 is the best value for the money from DISH Network. With CNN, ESPN, the Discovery Channel and many others, this is a great deal for families looking for a little more for a lot less. America’s Top 120+ is the same, but it includes over 120 channels along with local regional sports networks!

If you’re the type of person who is always looking for the latest game highlights and scores, then you will want America’s Top 200. This is a sports-fanatic’s dream with the most popular sports networks, movies, and tons more.

Alternatively, America’s Top 250 is ideal for movie lovers. This includes everything the other packages have along with 50 extra channels including History Channel International, FOX Movie Chanel and Discovery Kids!

The ultimate package available to South Carolina residents from DISH Network is the America’s “Everything” Pak. This is the ultimate entertainment package with over 250 top channels, and over 200 of them available in the stunning quality of High Definition. This package not only has 31 commercial-free premium movie channels, but your household will enjoy the most premium channels, sports networks, news channels, and more from DISH Satellite TV.

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