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America’s Top 120 Plus

Looking to bring a little extra to the mix when it comes to your DISH Network package? Although the selection of channel packages from DISH Network gets pretty extensive, you might be the type of person that values having the ideal set up of channels without wanting to have to pay a great amount to have it. This is where America’s Top 120 Plus package comes into play. There’s a clear reason why this package remains one of the most popular packages for DISH Network customers. The value that you get for the price that you pay almost seems unbeatable.

From all of the important events happening around the world that you can learn about from a variety of news networks, to the latest matches from professional and collegiate leagues all over and more, America’s Top 120 Plus package is the provider of all that you have been looking for in your satellite TV service.

What’s the difference between America’s Top 120 and America’s Top 120 Plus?

You might have already read about what you get with the America’s Top 120 package from DISH Network, and with the Plus version, it’s important to know that you get a little bit extra to go along. Take everything that you would get with the America’s Top 120 Package and add on regional sports channels. This is a popular package for sports fans because of these extra regional channels that bring you more locally-focused matches from your favorite teams.

The regional sports network(s) go by your zip code, and aim to bring you everything that is happening in and around your area. If you can’t get enough of sports action, you can’t afford not to check out all of the excitement surrounding your town.

Getting all of the extra fixings to go along

Don’t forget that with America’s Top 120 Plus package, you’ll also get all of the extra specials that go along as being part of a customer of DISH Network. This includes the three free months of SHOWTIME® and others, as well as the three free months of Blockbuster @Home.

Get primetime TV channels in the mix

Looking for channels that bring some of today’s most popular shows? Through America’s Top 120 package, you’ll get channels such as TBS, TNT, Comedy Central, USA Network and plenty more. From drama to action to comedy and sports, these channels deliver some of the most accessible and forward programming that you can find. They can all be yours when you place your order today.

Maybe you’re focused on bringing home more educational, DIY kind of channels. Through this package, keep on the look out for the Travel Channel, HGTV, Food Network, and others. Pick up on new ideas for your home and life in digital quality through DISH Network. When you need a break from all of the drama or laughter from comedy shows and movies, these are the perfect way to break the mold a little bit.

Make America’s Top 120 Plus Package yours for the keeping today

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