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America’s Top 200

Bring home more than 200 channels of satellite TV programing through DISH Network

America’s Top 200 Package from DISH Network is almost the middle of the road offering from one of America’s Top providers in satellite TV. With more than 235 channels ready to go for you to watch when you want, America’s Top 200 brings you a wealth of entertainment without having to break the bank. Due to the mixture of entertainment and value, America’s Top 200 remains to be one of the most popular packages available for DISH Network customers.

Every household has the potential to be different when it comes to the tastes of everyone who’s part of the family. If you’re worried about providing enough entertainment that will keep everyone in the home satisfied, there’s no reason to feel any stress when it comes to America’s Top 200 package. The 235+ channels that are included span across genre after genre of programming that will keep you and your family in their seats for continuous entertainment in high-definition quality.

What kind of channels comes with America’s Top 200 package?

Along with the channels that you might have checked out as part of America’s Top 120 and 120 Plus, America’s Top 200 brings even more entertaining programming from channels that might be new to you, or others that you have always wanted all along.

  • Current TV – With shows that have gone on to win some of TV journalism’s most prestigious awards, Current TV looks at some of today’s most pressing issues in America and across the world. You’ll find yourself immersed in the heart-wrenching coverage stories that has the possibility to shape a new perspective for you.
  • Sundance Channel – It’s easy to watch movies on all kinds of networks, but the Sundance Channel provides films and shows that might be hard to find anywhere else. Satisfy in the inner-geek of all film fans through independent films as as well as documentaries and international films as well.
  • Pac-12 Network – Live in an area that hosts one of the Pac-12 schools? Maybe it is your alma mater. No matter what the case is, the Pac-12 Network brings you hundreds of matches from all kinds of sports happening within the conference.
  • The Documentary Channel – The power of documentaries have certainly gotten more noticeable through the past few years. Through The Documentary Channel, you’ll get non-stop access to some of today’s most thought-provoking documentaries to watch.

Perfect for those who are always seeking more

When you order America’s Top 200 from DISH Network, you’re showing that you are serious about getting leading programming, and plenty of it. The amount of channels that are available these days are unmatched to any other point in the past of TV history. Let this package from one of America’s most trusted name in satellite TV bring you the programming that you have always been imaging would be right.

As always, you can add more features to America’s Top 200 package when you’re looking for an even more customized experience from DISH. Get extra sports packages, movie packages and more!

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